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Hand-knitted babywear Classic.....contemporary.....vintage style.....wartime.....hippy? Our baby knits have been described as all these at various times.  So what are they? Maybe a blend of all the above, maybe just themselves – unique and special. 
At BabyDoozle we just love knitting (and babies).  We take the softest and gentlest natural yarns and knit them with love into baby and toddler garments. We create and adapt a mixture of contemporary and classic designs, many with a vintage look.  The yarns that we use include cashmere, silk, Merino wool, baby alpaca and cotton.   Buttons are generally made of wood or Mother-of-pearl and many of these are vintage or antique, handed down through generations in a button tin. Ribbons are organza, silk or cotton tape.  Colours are muted and soft.  We only use the softest yarns that caress a baby’s skin.  These natural yarns keep a baby snuggly and warm but allow their skin to breathe, reducing the likelihood of over-heating.  They are styled to make dressing and undressing easy, with no tight openings for heads.  These are ideal as gifts for precious new babies (and all babies are precious and special).  Older babies and toddlers will appreciate the soft, non-itchy feel of our yarns, too.  Whichever you choose, they are sure to be treasured and may well be handed down through generations. Enjoy them!
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To Doozle.biz To Doozle.biz To Doozle.biz To Doozle.biz Why not have a look at Doozle, our sister site for 100% natural and luxurious skin care poducts? Because our baby knitwear comes in a wide range of designs, yarns, colours and sizes, we have found it really difficult to give excellent service selling from this website.  Obviously our diary of events lists shows where customers can buy from stock but the photographs and descriptions here on this site give an indication of our range. Please ring or email with your requirements and we will send you a list of what is available at the time and prices. We can forward photographs of the knitwear as well. The skin care products can be purchased from this website. Congratulations to our sister company Doozle Skin Care!!  We have always known our Nourishing Facial Serum is wonderful but we have now had some national recognition; a Best Buy award in the Green Parent Magazine Natural Beauty Awards. Really exciting!   Nourishing Facial Serum has always been our best seller and we have a very loyal customer following who buy it regularly.  Discerning customers who have been using it exclusively since Doozle launched it will, no doubt, not be surprised in the least.  Thank you to The Green Parent Magazine testing panel.
This is our next event and we are looking forward to being in the heart of Marlborough once again after a long gap.  The Fayre is on two floors so there should be plenty of fabulous stalls and Doozle is going to have a flash sale with 10% off everything!!