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About Us
The majority of garments are knitted by me (Jill) and my sister-in-law Jane, with talented friends occasionally contributing a much-appreciated item.   I was taught to knit by my mother when I was about six years old and I remember knitting my first jumper before I was ten.  I knitted on and off after that, having most productive times when I had my own two boys and when my grandchildren were born.  For my sons and grandsons, I made endless Guernsey-type jumpers with wooden buttons at the shoulder and for my grand-daughter I knitted several little ballet wraps.  When I set up my natural skincare business (Doozle) in 2010 I made Baby Butter as a priority, being very aware of the toxic chemicals in many baby products on the market.  For fun, I started knitting baby bootees in soft and natural yarns, to sell with the Baby Butter at craft and gift fairs.  This really gave me the ‘baby knitting’ bug and now I can’t seem to stop.  I love creating and adapting patterns nearly as much as I love going shopping for yarns, buttons and ribbons.  My sister-in-law Jane is an amazing knitter, creating garments for family and friends but also having done some contract knitting for top London stores.  She is a real perfectionist and is great at designing and adapting, combining the best features from several different patterns and adding her own twist.  All the cable and Aran garments are knitted by Jane; she has so much more patience than I do!  She is also a very fast knitter which is a real bonus for me when orders come in thick and fast.